Ardex P-51 Adherent Primer and Poros Sealer

Ardex P-51 Adherent Primer and Poros Sealer

Adherent primer and pore sealing with water repellent action.
To fix dust debris on porous floors of cements or anhydrite or on sanded floors, leaving the support with primer and prepared to receive the self-leveling mortar.
As a primer on smooth cement substrates , especially anhydrite cement absorbent flooring and pressed wood boards which are then to be covered with self-leveling mortars.

Acting as a pore sealer on concrete and cement supports, ARDEX P51 prevents air bubbles rising from the support to the final applied floor. It also prevents water absorption in later applications.

To place primer on gypsum, anhydrite and pressed wooden boards, leaving the prepared support to be thin layered.

As a primer on smooth concrete for subsequent plaster plastering. Interior.

Without solvents, white dispersion of synthetic resins, which after drying prevent the penetration of water.


10 Kg.
10 Kg.
Units/Box: 1
Ref.: ARD50502