Acryl 1 Walls and Slits

Acryl 1 Walls and Slits

Acrylic sealant in aqueous dispersion, ideal for low movement joints. Indicated for the sealing of cracks, cracks, windows and frames.

Also suitable for fixing styrofoam frames.

▪ Adheres to most substrates used in construction
▪ High ease of application and straightening
▪ High filling power
Do not crack
▪ Can be painted

▪ Metals:
Aluminum anodized, Aluminum lacquered, Iron, Metals in general
▪ Glass:
Monobloc glass
▪ Building materials:
Concrete, marble, granite, stone, cement, bricks, wood, gypsum and porous materials in general
▪ Plastics:
PVC, Polyester - Fiberglass


300 ml. White and Grey
300 ml. White
Units/Box: 25
Ref.: HEN1536078
300 ml. Grey
Units/Box: 25
Ref.: HEN1536077