Nural 44 Universal Instant

Nural 44 Universal Instant

Universal instant glue
Instant universal cyanoacrylate glue formulated to achieve strong bonding within seconds.

▪ Transparent: Does not yellow with time
▪ Fluid
▪ Paste in seconds: the bonding time depends on the amount of product applied, the materials to be bonded and the humidity
▪ Withstands up to 70ºC

▪ Adhesive rubber (natural rubber, butyl rubber, nitrile rubber and neoprene), plastics (ABS, PVC, bakelite and polystyrene), metals (aluminum, copper, iron and stainless steel), wood, porcelain and leather.

Not suitable for PE, PP and teflon®


Blis. 3 gr. 20 gr.
3 gr.
Units/Box: 12
Ref.: HEN1755645
20 gr.
Units/Box: 12
Ref.: HEN1755646