Nural 5 Auto

Nural 5 Auto

Tail light special mirrors
Dose for an application.

How to use
▪ The carton is composed of a tube of glue (part A) and a nylon net (part B). The net is impregnated with an activator and measures 40mm x 40mm

▪Remove the bracket if the rear view mirror has it
▪ Exactly mark the correct place where the holder is placed on the outside
▪ With the help of a knife, remove all glue residue that may be present on the holder or on the windshield. Before handling the mains, check that the hands are free of dirt.
(*) Measure the holder and cut the net to the desired size
▪ Cut the tube nozzle (part A) and apply the product evenly on the support
▪ Place the net carefully on the glue of the holder
▪ Ensure that the support is in the correct position and supported on the windscreen in the position previously marked
▪ Keep the carrier pressed against the windscreen for 30 seconds
▪ Allow the glue to act for 15 minutes before fitting the rear view mirror arm


0.5 ml.
0.5 ml.
Units/Box: 12
Ref.: HEN1855531