Silcon 5 Universal

Silcon 5 Universal

Acetic Silicone Sealant
Ideal for fencing bathrooms, shower trays, bathtubs, drains, kitchens and frames.

▪ Excellent adhesion on anodized aluminum, glass and glazed surfaces.
▪ High resistance to exterior and UV rays
▪ Average elasticity and modulus
▪ Resistant to mildew and ordinary cleaning products

▪ Metals:
Anodized Aluminium
▪ Glass:
Monobloc glass, glazed surfaces
▪ Building materials:
Painted woods, ceramic surfaces (bathtubs, washbasins, etc.)
▪ Plastics:
Test beforehand. Does not adhere to PP, PE and Teflon®


280 ml. White and Transparent
280 ml. White
Units/Box: 25
Ref.: HEN1534266
280 ml. Transparent
Units/Box: 25
Ref.: HEN1534267