SL 618 Mirrors

SL 618 Mirrors

Neutral silicone sealant
Ideal for fixing mirrors and general sealing on various supports. High power of adhesion and filling.

▪ High adhesion power
▪ Does not attack or damage mirror lacquering

▪ Metals:
Anodized aluminum, Iron, Metals in general
▪ Glass:
Mirrors, Glass, glazed, Laminated glass
▪ Building materials:
Concrete, Marble, Stone, Cement, Wood, Melamine, Drywall
▪ Technical Plastics:
PVC, Lacquered mirrors, Polyester-fiberglass
▪ Excellent adhesion to all types of mirrors
▪ Filling power
▪ Adjust the position of the mirrors


300 ml.
300 ml. White
Units/Box: 25
Ref.: HEN1533672
300 ml. Grey
Units/Box: 25
Ref.: HEN1533671
300 ml. Transparent
Units/Box: 25
Ref.: HEN1535859