Additive P3

Additive P3

Rubson Aquablock Additive P3 Additive powder for passable waterproofing of balconies, terraces and roofs with Rubson Silicone Liquid SL3000.

Rubson Additive P3:
▪ Add Additive P3 directly into the Rubson SL3000 bucket (1Kg of Additive to 5Kg SL3000)
▪ Mix the components until homogeneous. The best result is obtained when using a mechanical mixer, to avoid the formation of bubbles or air pockets.
▪ The mixture should be applied as described in the Rubson SL3000 datasheet in order to comply with the criterion of pedestrian traffic (P3, ETAG 005)
▪ The minimum product consumption is: 2.5kg / m2, based on the amount of SL3000 and 3.0kg / m2 based on the blend of SL3000 + Additive P3.


Bags 1 kg. And 5 kg.
Bags 1 kg.
Units/Box: 4
Ref.: HEN1864538
Sacks 5 kg.
Units/Box: 1
Ref.: HEN1835193