Invisible IN2230

Invisible IN2230

Waterproofing / water repellent, porous walls and roofs
100% invisible treatment based on water-based siloxane resins that waterproof porous materials while retaining their natural appearance. Pearling effect.

▪ Waterproofing treatment on siloxane base for a greater penetration in the support
▪ Great repellent power with pearlescent effect
▪ 100% Invisible
▪ Does not form film; Maintaining the natural appearance of the stand
▪ Does not accumulate dirt (self-washable)
▪ Microporous
▪ High durability
▪ High resistance to alkaline substrates


Available in: 750 ml. / 5 lts. / 20 ltrs.
750 ml.
Units/Box: 6
Ref.: HEN1988172
5 ltrs.
Units/Box: 1
Ref.: HEN1988171
20 ltrs.
Units/Box: 1
Ref.: HEN2002608