Rubson Silicone Liquid SL3000 - 1 kg.

Rubson Silicone Liquid SL3000 - 1 kg.

Universal Coatings, Technology
Exclusive "SILICOTEC®"
Silicone Liquid SL3000 Elastic coating 100% silicone in water base for the waterproofing and repair of flat and inclined coverings.
Rubson Aquablock Additive P3 Additive powder for passable waterproofing of balconies, terraces and roofs with Rubson Silicone Liquid SL3000.
▪ Up to 400% elasticity
▪ High resistance to UV rays, weathering and aging
▪ Waterproof even on terraces with stagnant water
▪ Large filling capacity
▪ Permeable to water vapor
▪ Maintains flexibility at low temperatures
▪ Resistant to extreme temperatures (-20ºC to 80ºC)
▪ Resistant to punctual attacks of dilute acids and bases
▪ Cleaning the tools with water only
▪ Product without any kind of danger


Buckets of 1 kg. (White, Tile, Gray and Black)
1 kg. White
Units/Box: 4
Ref.: HEN1894876
1 kg. Roof tile
Units/Box: 4
Ref.: HEN1894877
1 kg. Grey
Units/Box: 4
Ref.: HEN1139781
1 kg. Black
Units/Box: 4
Ref.: HEN1139782