Metal Thread Sealant
Tangit Metalock is a one-component anaerobic screw sealant that hardens and polymerizes quickly in the absence of air when confined between two metal surfaces, such as threaded tubing. The polymerized product is resistant to shock, vibrations and most liquids and gases, does not migrate and does not contract.

▪ Metalock is suitable for joining metal threads up to 3 inches in diameter
▪ Easily disassembled into threads up to 1.5 inches
▪ Suitable for gas, hot or cold water pipes
▪ Recommended for compressed air, fuel and refrigerant fluids
▪ Suitable for diluted acids and bases
▪ Tangit Metalock conveniently replaces teflon tapes and flax, ensuring good tightness between metal threads


50 ml.
50 ml.
Units/Box: 12
Ref.: HEN2117177