Gravibase is a supplier of several leading brands for the distribution of chemicals, glues and derivatives in the world market. Serving Civil Construction professionals (companies and industries) and Traditional Trade (drugstores, building materials, supermarkets, general trade and DIY services). Always value the quality of service with seriousness, transparency and respect.

It operates throughout the country, including Madeira and the Azores and expands as an exporter in several countries, as well as, Cape Verde, Angola, United Arab Emirates, etc ...

Focused on the best technical solutions, it dynamizes a strong relationship to the professionals with assistance assistance on suitable products, according to each situation.

Provides technical assistance in evolving from every need. Counseling, guidance and follow-up: Before, during and after each work development. In addition to having the contribution of manufacturers, with their qualified professionals (gifts on the spot, if necessary).

We do not need much! That's why we chose the four best manufacturers, recognized worldwide. Committed to the quality of their products and especially to the concern for the environment.


A global manufacturer of chemicals, detergents, industrial adhesives and cosmetics, it is present in more than 60 countries with 330 associated companies.

Henkel began the production of adhesives in 1923, and is currently the world's largest manufacturer.

The company has the largest portfolio of products in the world, which allows to offer adhesives and sealants to virtually all industrial sectors and their fields of application.

One of the key competences of henkel is the continued commitment to research, innovation and development of quality solutions with a concern to protect the environment.

The guarantee and quality of Henkel's products and systems is illustrated with certifications in various standards.


BASF is a leading chemical company worldwide: The Chemical Company. With production plants worldwide, in around 90 countries, the BASF Group supplies its approximately 8,000 products to a large number of different industries around the world.

Now, it has become the manufacturer of the Thomsit Range. Consecrated brand that stands out in the specialized products for Coatings and Flooring.

Through science and innovation allows our customers from almost all sectors of industrial activity to meet the present and future needs of the society in which we live.

"We create chemistry for a sustainable future"


Founded in 1949, a family-owned German company, Ardex soon became a leading company in the sector. With the discovery of self-leveling cements and at a time when linoleum flooring and other types of materials began to be installed on a large scale in the construction industry, Ardex allowed all surface preparation work to be simple and quick.

Innovation and the development of new products have kept Ardex as a leading company in high technology products for flooring and vertical parameters. Ardex products are widely recognized and considered as a model of materials for the preparation of substrates that have subsequently appeared. One such example is the products with the "ARDURAPID EFFECT".

Ardex is much more than a product. With Ardex, customers get a promise of performance that supports them in construction sites around the world and applies to both major construction projects and modernization and renovation works. Ardex is another name for today's solution.


Lorcol is a Portuguese company, founded in 1985, is dedicated to the production of glues, varnishes and auxiliary chemical products for the industry in general: Wood, footwear, coatings and pavements and others needed for Civil Construction.

Lorcol products are established in the national market and are exported to several countries inside and outside the European Community.