Extreme Pro

Extreme Pro

Extra strong adhesive
New Generation Cola, extraordinary strength, translucent and extra fast, to paste and permanently repair most materials.

▪ Extreme Force: after one hour resists up to 100 kg / cm2 (according to EN-1465)
▪ This resistance allows sanding, machining or drilling of the product.
After 4 hours: Wood - 140 kg / cm2 / Copper - 190 kg / cm2 / Steel - 200 kg / cm2
▪ Extra Fast: take 2 minutes to mix and apply the product
▪ Resistance to temperature: from -30ºC to + 150ºC. For heavy duty joints, it is recommended not to exceed 60 ° C
▪ Resistant to extreme conditions: it resists water, dishwasher, oil and usual solvents. Also withstand dilute acids and bases
▪ Translucent


22 ml.
22 ml.
Units/Box: 12
Ref.: HEN1772721