Rubson Silicone Liquid SL3000 - 25 kg.

Rubson Silicone Liquid SL3000 - 25 kg.

Universal Coatings, Technology
Exclusive "SILICOTEC®"
Silicone Liquid SL3000 100% silicone elastic coating on base
Waterproofing and repair of flat and sloped roofs.
Rubson Aquablock Additive P3 Powder additive for waterproofing
Of balconies, terraces and roofs with Rubson Silicone Liquid
▪ Up to 400% elasticity
▪ High resistance to UV rays, weathering and aging
▪ Waterproof even on terraces with stagnant water
▪ Large filling capacity
▪ Permeable to water vapor
▪ Maintains flexibility at low temperatures
▪ Resistant to extreme temperatures (-20ºC to 80ºC)
▪ Resistant to punctual attacks of dilute acids and bases
▪ Cleaning the tools with water only
▪ Product without any kind of danger


Buckets 25 kg. (White, Tile, Gray and Black)
25 kg. White
Units/Box: 1
Ref.: HEN1540608
25 kg. Roof tile
Units/Box: 1
Ref.: HEN1540592
25 kg. Grey
Units/Box: 1
Ref.: HEN1138469
25 kg. Black
Units/Box: 1
Ref.: HEN1138470