Special Glue PVC-U Glue

Special Glue PVC-U Glue

Special adhesive for PVC pipes Rigid with and without pressure
Thixotropic glue (non-running) and super strong for PVC-U pipes and fittings in sanitation, watering and general construction.

▪ Consists of a PVC solution combined with special additives and organic solvents that give it properties such as thixotropy, stability and longevity. It acts physically on the PVC dissolving the superficial zone and forming a body between the glue and the PVC. The joints last as long as the pipe itself
▪ Connections between pipes and between pressurized PVC pipe and fittings
▪ PVC carpentry
▪ Cable conduits
▪ Driving in industrial facilities
▪ Sewer pipes
▪ Drinking water pipes


125 gr.
125 gr.
Units/Box: 12
Ref.: HEN402984