Plastic / plastic or plastic / metal pipe thread sealant
Tangit Plasticlock is a flexible seal suitable for sealing plastic / plastic and plastic / metal threaded joints.

▪ Tangit Plasticlock is applicable in rigid or flexible pipe threads in cold or hot water installations
▪ Lubricates the screwing eliminating the frictions, facilitating the adjustment and guaranteeing the final result
▪ It is suitable for applying on various types of plastics: polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, ABS; As well as metals: steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, brass
▪ For PE or PP applications, use only for pressures up to 3 bar
▪ Tangit Plasticlock withstands shock, vibration, oils, dilute acids and bases and cooling fluids. After polymerization, the product does not migrate or
▪ Replaces in a practical and advantageous way the tapes of teflon (PTFE) and the linen, ensuring better the tightness between the threads


100 ml tube.
Units/Box: 12
Ref.: HEN2073766