PU 298 Cola & Veda Construction

PU 298 Cola & Veda Construction

New generation advanced polyurethane
Ideal for sealing, filling and gluing. For jobs in industry or construction in general. Great for vertical or horizontal joints.

▪ Ease of application even on wet surfaces and at low temperatures
▪ Excellent multi-carrier adhesion *
Non-deformable plastic cartridge
▪ Shelf life of at least 12 months in the cartridge
▪ Contains no dangerous substances: isocyanates, solvents and PVC
▪ Pintável

▪ Metals:
Anodized aluminum, lacquered aluminum, iron, metals in general
▪ Building materials:
Concrete, marble, granite, stone, cement, ceramics, brick, wood, glazed surfaces, glass
▪ Technical Plastics:
Polycarbonates, polyester - fiberglass, ABS, methacrylate
▪ Applicable on all types of materials (* except PE, PP and Teflon®)


300 ml. White / Gray / Brown / Black
300 ml. White
Units/Box: 25
Ref.: HEN2097262
300 Gray
Units/Box: 25
Ref.: HEN2096901
300 ml. Brown
Units/Box: 25
Ref.: HEN2096893
300 ml. Black
Units/Box: 25
Ref.: HEN2096905