RF 999 Chimneys and Greenhouses

RF 999 Chimneys and Greenhouses

Silicate-based refractory seal
Ideal for barbecues, chimneys, ovens, stoves, boilers, exhaust pipes for cars and for areas already treated with fiberglass.

▪ Resists direct fire
▪ Resistant to extreme temperatures up to + 1500 ° C
▪ Fills joints without movement
▪ Excellent adhesion on most substrates used in construction
▪ Do not expose to direct water

▪ Metals:
Aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized, iron, metals in general
▪ Glass:
Monobloc glass
▪ Building materials:
Concrete, ceramics, cement, stone, brick, glazed surfaces,
Refractory brick
▪ Suitable for sealing brick, concrete, stone and metal surfaces


300 ml. Black
300 ml. Black
Units/Box: 12
Ref.: HEN1525601