SL 502 Sanitary

SL 502 Sanitary

Acetic silicone sealant
Ideal for fences in the sanitary sector: bathrooms, kitchens, showers, and toilets in general.

▪ Metals:
Anodized Aluminium
▪ Glass:
Glass, Glazed surfaces
▪ Building Materials:
Painted Woods and Metals, Ceramic Surfaces (bathtubs,
Showers and toilets in general)

▪ High resistance to water and UV rays
▪ Resistant to common cleaning agents and chemical agents
▪ Mold resistant
▪ Complies with ISO 846 B level 1


300 ml. White / Transparent
300 ml. White
Units/Box: 25
Ref.: HEN1713067
300 ml. Transparent
Units/Box: 25
Ref.: HEN1713054