Lorcril 9388 Self Adhesive Glue

Lorcril 9388 Self Adhesive Glue

- EXTRA-FORTE universal fastener with solvent - free aqueous dispersion
- Fixed coatings with various bases
- Allows to remove and reattach the coating
- Transparent after drying
- Permanently self-adhesive
- Applicable on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates

Self-adhesive product applicable to the spatula or roller, special for fixing PVC, CV, rubber, linoleum or textile coatings, to be subsequently removed. Especially suitable for placing self-supporting mosaics on technical floors.

Adherent even on reverse coatings composed of rigid or soft PVC, polyester.


20 Kg.
20 Kg.
Units/Box: 1
Ref.: LORC9388